Vigor® Small Tool Kit

Vigor® Small Tool Kit

Item# 89546
A practical, attractively designed case, made of black leatherette with a strong zipper. Completely professional in appearance with the most commonly used adjusting tools. The strong, wide spine enables the case to close easily over the bulkiest tools.

Contains 1 each:

31.222 Narrow Pillar File

46.5265 Panto Angling Pliers

31.334 Screw Head File

46.5764 End Piece Pliers

31.383 Zyl File

46.809 Lens Axis Pliers

31.947 Screw Finishing File

46.5250 Screw Insertion Pliers

35.500 6˝ PD Stick

52.7200 Scratchless Wrench Tip Set X3

46.051 Chain Nose Pliers

52.857 Large Hd. Brass SD

46.055 Bracing Pliers

58.222 Drill/Tap Holder

46.058 End Cutter Pliers

46.1605 European Pad Pliers

44.204 AR Marking Pen

46.702 Compression Pliers

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