Spring for Degree Caliper
#3 Tip
#4 Tip
1 1/2X
1.0 mm Nose Pad Pick Up Screwdriver
1.1mm Gold x 100
1.1mm Gold x250
1.4mm X 65mm Black
1.4mm X 65mm Brown
1.5mm Flat
1.5mm SH x 100
10mm x 1.2mm Phillips SS x100
13mm x100
13mm x100
15mm Nickel x 10
15mm x50
2 Gram
2 Gram
2 Gram Tubes x5
2.0mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
2.50mm Dia.
20 Gram
20 Gram Bottle
23.5 mm
3 1/2 Quart Manufacturer's Choice 110V
3" Diameter, Knife Edge
3.00mm Dia.
3.8mm x 1.4mm SS x100
32 oz.
32MM Jaw
4" Diameter, 42 Ply
4" Diameter, 1" Thick
4" Diameter, 40 Ply
4mm x 1.4mm Coated x100
5" 30 Ply
5" Diameter, 2" Thick
5" Diameter, 55 Ply
6" Diameter, 60 Ply
6" Diameter, 1" Thick
9 3/4" x 12 3/4" x 2"
9mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Gold x50
9mm x50
9mm x50
Binocular Loupe
Blade for Nose Pad 1.0mm
Blue Gray
Blunt Point
Brown Dress Stone 60 Grit
Cilia Forceps #7
Cilia Forceps #7B
Coated Nickel Standard 1.1 x250
Cold Bend
Compression Bushings Economy Pack x1000
Contact Lens Crimper
Crystal Kleer
Dark Brown
Dial Caliper
Digital Caliper
Double Piercing Pin
Eyewire "S" Forming
Gear & Spring
Gold Standard 1.1 x250
Handle Size 4
Handle Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Punch Pliers
Large Black
Large Clear
Lens Marking Ink Quart
LT Brown (Sahara)
Medium Brown
Medium Gray
Midget Lens Aligner
Mini Eyewire Shaper
Nickel Standard 1.1 x100
Nylon Jaw Flat/Round
Nylon Jaws
Nylon Tips for 35028 and 35035
Nylon Tips for Degree Caliper
Pantoscopic Angling Pliers
Pantoscopic Angling Pliers
PD Notched Black 6" Economy Pack
PD 7" Economy Pack
PD Ruler 7"
Piercing Pins
Push Base Nosepad Removal
Rheostat 110V
Rivet / Peening
Rubber Pad
Safety Marking Die
Screw for Thickness Gauge
Screw Finish /Spoon File
Side Cutter
Silicone Lens Cushion
Size 51 .1.7mm
Size 52 1.6mm
Size 54 .1.4mm
Size 56 .1.2mm
Size 63 ..94mm
Size 64 ..9mm
Small Blue
Small Parts Tray Large
Small Silver
Small White
Small Yellow
Vigor® Rheostadt Hot Air Frame Warmer 220V
White Dress Stone 100 Grit
Wood File Handle 5/8"
Wrench 2.6mm Hex
"D" Screw & Push
"D" Shape
"Little Torch" Propane Kit
1 1/2 X
1 1/2 X
1 1/2X
1 3/4 X
1 3/4 X
1 3/4X
1,2mm METRIC
1,3mm METRIC
1,4mm METRIC
1,6mm METRIC
1-1/2X Optivisor
1-3/4X Optivisor
1.00mm Dia.
1.05mm X 65mm
1.05mm X 65mm
1.0mm Core
1.0mm x 65mm Assortment
1.0mm x 65mm Black
1.0mm x 65mm Brown
1.0mm x 65mm Crystal
1.0mm x 65mmTortoise
1.10mm Dia.
1.1mm x100
1.1mm Core
1.1mm Nickel of 250
1.1mm x 65mm Assortment
1.1mm x 65mm Black
1.1mm x 65mm Brown
1.1mm x 65mm Crystal
1.1mm x 65mmTortoise
1.1mm x 70mm Grey
1.2 Gold Cap Nuts
1.2 mm
1.27mm Nickel x100
1.27mm x 4.4
1.27mm x 5.3 x 250
1.2mm x 250
1.2mm x 250
1.2mm Cap Nut
1.2mm Core
1.2mm Diameter
1.2mm Gold
1.2mm Gold x100
1.2mm Nickel x100
1.2mm Silver
1.2mm x 100
1.2mm x 100
1.2mm x 2.8mm
1.2mm x 2.8mm
1.2mm x 65mm Assortment
1.2mm x 65mm Black
1.2mm x 65mm Brown
1.2mm x 65mm Crystal
1.2mm x 65mmTortoise
1.3 mm LH x100
1.3 mm LH x250
1.3 SH x100
1.3 SH x250
1.35mm x 65mm Brown
1.35mm x 65mm Crystal
1.3mm LH x 250
1.3mm SH x 250
1.3mm SH x100
1.3mm SH x100
1.3mm Core
1.3mm Gold
1.3mm LH x 100
1.3mm LH x 100
1.3mm LH x 250
1.3mm Nickel
1.3mm SH x 250
1.3mm x 65mm Assortment
1.3mm x 65mm Black
1.3mm x 65mmTortoise
1.4 mm
1.4mm SH x 100
1.4mm Core
1.4mm Diameter
1.4mm Gold
1.4mm Gold
1.4mm Gold x100
1.4mm Gold x 250
1.4mm LH x 250
1.4mm LH x 250
1.4mm LH x 100
1.4mm LH x 100
1.4mm Nickel
1.4mm Nickel x250
1.4mm Nickel x100
1.4mm SH x100
1.4mm SH x250
1.4mm SH x 250
1.4mm SH x 250
1.4mm SH x 100
1.4mm Silver
1.4mm x 65mm Assortment
1.4mm x 65mm Black
1.4mm x 65mm Brown
1.4mm x 65mm Crystal
1.4mm x 65mm Grey
1.4mm x 65mm Tortoise
1.4mm x 65mm White
1.5mm LH x 100
1.5mm LH x 100
1.5mm Core
1.5mm Core
1.5mm Gold x100
1.5mm Gold x250
1.5mm LH x100
1.5mm LH x250
1.5mm LH x 250
1.5mm LH x 250
1.5mm LH x100
1.5mm Nickel x250
1.5mm Nickel x100
1.5mm SH x100
1.5mm SH x250
1.5mm SH x 100
1.5mm SH x 250
1.5mm SH x250
1.5mm x 65mm Assortment
1.5mm x 65mm Black
1.5mm x 65mm Brown
1.5mm x 65mm Crystal
1.5mm x 65mmTortoise
1.5mm x 70mmTortoise
1.6 mm Core
1.6mm LH x 250
1.6mm LH x100
1.6mm LH x100
1.6mm Core
1.6mm Core
1.6mm Diameter
1.6mm Gold x100
1.6mm LH Black SS x100
1.6mm LH x100
1.6mm LH x250
1.6mm LH x250
1.6mm Nickel x100
1.6mm x 65mm Assorted
1.6mm x 65mm Black
1.6mm x 65mm Brown
1.6mm x 65mm Crystal
1.6mm x 70mm Assorted
1.6mm x 70mmTortoise
1.75X Magni-Focuser
1.8mm Phillips
1.9 Core
1/10HP C300 Motor 110V
1/5mm Dispensing Caliper
10 lb.
10/20 Second Set Up
10mm x 50 Pairs
10mm Oval
10mm Oval
10mm x 1.4mm Nickel x250
10mm x 1.4mm Nickel 100
10mm x 1.2mm Phillips Gold x100
10mm x 1.4mm Gold 100
10mm x 1.4mm Gold x250
10mm x 1.4mm Phillips Gold 100
10mm x 1.4mm Phillips Nickel 100
10mm x 1.5mm Gold 100
10mm x 1.6mm Gold 100
10mm x100
10mm x100 Pairs
10mm x25
10mm x25 Pairs
10mm x50
11mm Round
11mm Round
11mm Stainless
11mm x100
11mm x100
11mm x25
11mm x25
11mm x50
11mm x50
12 Rod Pack
12" x 12" x 1/2"
12mm x100
12mm "D" PVC
12mm 100 pairs
12mm 25 pairs
12mm 50 pairs
12mm Oval
12mm PVC
12mm Snappy Conversion Kit
12mm x 100
12mm x 25
12mm x 25
12mm x 50
12mm x 50
12mm x100
12mm x25
12mm x50
13-Watt Replacement Tube
13mm 50 pairs
13mm 50 pairs
13mm Oval
13mm Oval
13mm Oval
13mm Oval
13mm Push Base
13mm Screw Base
13mm Screw x100
13mm Screw x25
13mm Screw x50
13mm Teardrop
13mm Teardrop
13mm x 50
13mm x 50
13mm x100
13mm x100
13mm x100
13mm x100
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x25
13mm x50
13mm x50
13mm x50
14K Gold Plating Pen
14K Yellow Gold Paste
15 in 1 Frame Maintainence Kit
15mm Gold x10
15mm x100
15mm Gold x10
15mm Push Base
15mm Push x25
15mm Screw Base
15mm Screw Base x100
15mm Screw Base x25
15mm Teardrop
15mm Teardrop
15mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Gold x250
15mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Gold x50
15mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Nickel x250
15mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Nickel x50
15mm x 1.1mm Gold 100
15mm x 100
15mm x 25
15mm x1.1 Nickel 100
15mm x100
15mm x100
15mm x25
15mm x25
15mm x25
15mm x50
15mm x50
15mm X50
15mm x50
15Mmm x 50
16 oz.
16mm "D"
16mm x100
16mm x25
16mm PVC
16mm Teardrop
16mm Teardrop
16mm x 100
16mm x 25
16mm x 50
16mm x 50
16mm x100
16mm x100
16mm x25
16mm x25
16mm x50
16mm x50
17 mm x50
17mm 25 Pair
17mm Nickel x10
17mm Nickel x10
17mm Screw Base
17mm Screw Base x25
17mm Teardrop
17mm Teardrop
17mm x 25
17mm x 25
17mm x 50
17mm x100
17mm x100
17mm x100
17mm x100
17mm x25
17mm x25
17mm x50
17mm x50
18-Watt Replacement Tube
18mm Round pads
19mm x 50
19mm x100
19mm x 25
19mm x 25
19mm x 50
19mm x100
19mm x50
2 1/2X
2 1/4 X
2 1/4X
2 Gram
2 Gram Tubes x5
2-1/2X Optivisor
2-1/4X Optivisor
2.0 Flat/Phillips
2.0 Hex Wrench Tip
2.0mm Flat Pack of 3
2.0mm Phillips Screwdriver
2.2 mm
2.25X Magni-Focuser
2.38mm Core
2.5 Four Sided
2.5 x 1.2 Grey
2.5mm Domestic Nut Wrench
2.5mm Hex
2.5mm Phillips/2.2 Flat
2.5mm x 1.2mm Gold x 100
2.5mm x 1.2mm Gold x 250
2.5mm x 1.2mm SS x 100
2.5mm x 1.2mm SS x 250
2.75X Magni-Focuser
2013 Catalog
20mm Metal Centers
24mm Round Pads
2mm x 1mm x 70mm
2X Optivisor
3 1/2 X
3 1/2 Quart 220V
3 1/2 X
3 1/2X
3 1/2X
3 3/4 X
3 3/4 X
3 Piece Ejector Wrench Set
3" 30 Ply Buff
3" Diameter, 1" Thick
3" Diameter, 1/2" Thick
3" Diameter, 35 Ply
3" Diameter, 35 Ply
3" Pencil Carbon
3-1/2" Diameter 1/2" Thick
3.0 x 1.4mm Blue
3.5 x 1.4mm Blue
3.5 x 1.6mm Black
3.5mm Long
3.5mm x 1.4mm Gold x 100
3.5mm x 1.4mm Gold x 250
3.5mm x 1.4mm SS x 100
3.5mm x 1.4mm SS x 250
3.5mm x 1.6mm Gold x 250
3.5mm x 1.6mm Gold x100
3.5mm x 1.6mm SS x100
3.5mm x 1.6mm SS x250
3.8mm x 1.4mm Gold x100
3.8mm x 1.4mm Gold x250
3.8mm x 1.4mm Nickel 100
3.8mm x 1.4mm SS X250
3.8mm X 1.4mmX 1.9mm
320 Grit Finishing Stick
3mm Long
3mm x 1.4 Gold x 100
3mm x 1.4 Gold x 250
3mm x 1.4 SS x 100
3mm x 1.4mm SS x 250
4 Rod Pack
4" 30 Ply
4" Diameter, 3/4" Thick
4" Diameter, 36 Ply
4" Diameter, 50 Ply
4" Diameter, 50 Ply
4.0 x 1.4mm Blue
4.4mm x 1.4mm x100
4.4mm x 1.4mm Gold x100
4.4mm x 1.4mm x250
4.8 x 1.4mm Blue
4.8mm Long
4.8mm x 1.4mm x100
4.8mm x 1.4mm Phillips x100
4.8mm x 1.4mm Phillips Gold x100
4.8mm x 1.4mm Gold x 250
4.8mm x 1.4mm Gold x100
4.8mm x 1.4mm SS x100
4.8mm x 1.4mm SS x250
400 grit
45/60 Second Set Up
4mm Long
4mm x 1.4mm x250
4mm x 1.4mm Coated x250
4mm x 1.4mm Phillips Gold x100
4mm x 1.4mm Phillips Nickel x100
4mm x 1.4mm Gold x 100
4mm x 1.4mm Gold x 250
4mm x 1.4mm SS x 100
4mm x 1.4mm SS x 250
4mm x 1.4mm x100
5 3/4" Diameter, 1/4" Thick, 3/4" Center Hole
5" Diameter, 45 Ply
5" Diameter, 45 Ply
5" Diameter, 50 Ply
5" Diameter, 54 Ply
5.2mm x 1.38mm Nickel x 100
5.2mm x 1.4mm Coated Nickel x100
5.2mm x 1.4mm Nickel x100
5.2mm x 1.4mm Nickel x250
5.2mm x 1.4mm SS x100
5.3mm x 1.27mm
5.3mm x 1.27mm
5.4mm x 1.4mm x100
5.8mm x 1.6mm Coated Nickel x100
5.8mm x 1.6mm Coated Nickel x250
5.8mm x 1.6mm Nickel x100
5.8mm x 1.6mm Nickel x250
5.9mm x 1.7mm Nickel x 100
5.9mm x 1.7mm Nickel x 250
5mm x 1.4mm Phillips SS x100
5mm x 1.6mm Nickel x100
5mm x 1.6mm Nickel x250
6" 30 Ply
6" Diameter, 50 Ply
6" Diameter, 50 Ply
6" Diameter, 1/4" Thick, 7/8" Center Hole
6" Diameter, 50 Ply
6" Diameter, 60 Ply
6" x 12" x 1/2"
6.4mm x 3.0mm Metal Hinge
6.4mm x 3.5mm Metal Hinge
6.4mm x 4.0mm Metal Hinge
6.4mm x 4.6mm Plastic Hinge
6.5mm x 1.8mm Metal Hinge
6.7mm x 3.5mm Plastic Hinge
6.7mm x 6.0mm Plastic Hinge
6mm x 1.4mm x100
6mm x 1.4mm Nickel x250
7.0mm x 4.0mm Rivet Hinge
70 x 2.5 x 1.5 Crystal
7mm x 1.1mm Gold 100
7mm x 1.1mm Nickel 100
7mm x1.1mm Nickel 250
8 oz.
90 Bent Arm Screw Base
9mm Round x50
9mm Round x25
9mm x 25
9mm x100
9mm x5
9mm x50
9mm Push Base
9mm Push Base
9mm Push Base
9mm PVC
9mm Round
9mm Round
9mm Round
9mm Round
9mm Round
9mm Round PVC
9mm Round x100
9mm Stainless
9mm x 1.1mm Gold 250
9mm x 1.1mm Nickel 100
9mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Gold x250
9mm x 1.1mm Rimless Assembly Nickel x50
9mm x 1.1mm Gold 100
9mm x 1.1mm Gold x500
9mm x 1.1mm Nickel 250
9mm x 1.1mm Nickel 500
9mm x 50
9mm x100
9mm x100
9mm x100
9mm x100
9mm x25
9mm x25
9mm x25
9mm x25
9mm x50
Acc Pads
Accessories for Staking Set
Accessory Drivers
Acetate Temple Tip Combo
Acetate Temple Ends
Acrylic Tool Rack
Air Cushion
AirLok Bushings
AirLok Bushings Economy Pack
Allen Wrench
Anti-Scratch Coating
Anvil for Thickness Gauge
Anvil Holder
Anvil Large Round Hole
Anvil Narrow Face
Anvil Nylon
Anvil Optician's Bench Mounted with Stake 1 3/4X 1 1/2
Anvil Oval Hole
Anvil Solid Face
Anvils, Bench Block ,Vise & Staking Set
AR (CoatedLens) Markers
AR (CoatedLens) Markers
AR (CoatedLens) Markers
AR (CoatedLens) Markers
AR Markers
AR Stripper
AR Stripper
AR Stripper Kit
Automatic Punch
AWL Double Ended
Awl Tips
B & L
B & L Eyewire x100
B & L Hinge Screw x100
B & L Illuminated Coddington
B & L Style Nosepad Adjuster
B&L 20X
B&L 4X / 5X
B&L 7X
B&L 7X
B&L Lighted Magnifier
B&L Magna-Page
B&L 10X
B&L 10X
B&L 10X
B&L 14X
B&L 14X
B&L 2" x 4"
B&L 20X
B&L 3.25"
B&L 4X
B&L 4X
B&L 5"
B&L 5X
B&L Double Lens
B&L Engravers' Magnifier
B&L Hand Magifier
B&L Magna-Bar Small
B&L Magna-Rule
B&L Magni-Viewer
B&L Packette Magnifier
B&L Triple
Base Pin for Narrow Face Anvil
Basic Dispensing Kit
Batterns Hard Flux
Bench Block
Bench Knife
Bench Knife Hardwood Handle
Bench Lamp
Bench Lamps
Bifocal 1.00
Bifocal 1.50
Bifocal 1.75
Bifocal 2.00
Bifocal 2.25
Bifocal 2.50
Bifocal 3.00
Black Large Lab Trays
Black Lens Holder
Black Nickel Plating Pen
Black Opaque
Blade 0.6mm
Blade 1.0mm
Blade 1.4mm
Blade 1.8mm
Blade 2.0mm
Blade 2.6mm
Blade for 2.0mm Flat
Blade Phillips
Blades Double Ended
Blocking Pads
Blocking Pads
Blue Large Lab Trays
Bracing & Holding
Brass Screwdriver Kit
Brass Screwdriver Kit
Brass Screwdriver Kit
Bridge Reducer/ Eyewire Shaper
Bridge Stretching
Bristle Wheel Brush
Brush for Precision Drill
Buffs & Brushes
Burs, Drills & Taps
Busch Burs
Bushing Trimmer
Bushings & Washers
Bushings & Washers
Butane Soldering Torch
C Sizer
Cable Conversions
Cable Cover
cable tips
Cap (Acron) Nuts
Cap for Lens Clock
Carbon Stand
Cases Only
Centering Point
Chems & Supplies
Chems / Tinting
China Marker Black
China Marker Red
China Marker White
China Markers
Chuck Key f/flex shaft
Cila Forceps
Clamp with 1.0 mm Blade
Clamp with Blade for 2.0mm Flat
Clamp with Lug SM 808
Clamp with Lug SM 850A/7
Clamp with Phillips Blade
Classic Chain/Snipe
Cleaning /Utrasonics
Cleaning Brush Hard Bristle 4 row 10 1/4"
Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Solution Concentrate
Cleaning Solutions
Clear Safety Glasses
Clip On Magnifiers
Clip Shrink
Clip Shrink
Clip Shrink Black
Clip Shrink Clear
Clip with Electrodes
Coated Nickel Standard 1.1 x100
Comfort Cushion Extra Small
Comfort Cushion Medium
Comfort Cushion Small
Comfort Cushions
Comfort Cushions
Comfort Cushions Large
Compression Bushings
Compression Bushings x 100
Compression Bushings x100
Compression Bushings x100
Compression Closing & Bracing
Compression Closing & Bracing
Compression Dissembly Pliers
Contact Lens
Contact Lens Diameter Gauge
Contact Lens Thickness Gauge
Contact Lens Thickness Gauge
Contact Lens Tools
Contact Rod
Control Knob
Covers Green
Covers Light Blue
Covers Purple
Covers Red
Covers Yellow
Crystal Rhinestone Assortment
Crystal Rhinestone Refills
Crystal with Ring for Lens Clock
Cup Bur
Cup Cover
Cup Point
Curved Chain Nose
Curved Tip
Cutting Broach
Cutting Broach Assortment
Cutting Wheels
Cylindrical Carbon
Dandix Silver Brazing
Dark Grey
Dark Red
Deblocking Hammer
Deblocking Pliers
Deep Drill Wrench Set
Deep Drilled Wrenches
Degreaser Pen
Degree 1/10mm Dispensing Caliper
Degree Caliper 1/10mm
Degree Caliper 1/5mm
Deluxe Air Warmer
Deluxe Air Warmer 220V
Deluxe Dispensing Startup Kit
Deluxe Ergo Combination
Deluxe Lab Startup Kit
Deluxe Pad Adjuster
Deluxe Torch Stand
Deluxe Warmer 220v
Diagonal Cutter
Diameter Gauge
Diamond Beveler
Die Only Four Letter
Die only one letter
Die Only Three letters
Die only two letters
Digital Air warmer 220V
Digital PD Meter
Digital Pupilometer
Digital Warmer
Dispensing Mirrors
Dispensing Pad Black
Dispensing Pad Gray
dispensing Pads
Disposable Face Mask with Antifog Shield
Disposable Screwdriver Set
Disposable Screwdrivers
Dixcel® Flannel Buffs
Dixcel® Unbleached Muslin
Dixel Extra Fine Muslin
Double Ended Blades
Double Nylon Flat Bracer
Double Pin Anvil
Double Rivet Setting Tool
Double Slotted Self-Closing
Double Spindle Polisher 110V
Double Spindle Polisher 220V
Double Spindle Polishers
Dressing Sticks / Stones
Drill Bit and Bur Assortment
Drill Bit Assortment
Drill Bits
Drill Machinery
Drill Machines & Accessories
Drill Power
Drill Press
Drill Press for Power Drill
Drill Vise for Rimless
Drill Vise Replacement Parts
Dual Deblocker
Dual Speed
DVD Combo w/ Electric Soldering
DVD Combo w/ Gas Soldering
Dye & Colors
Easy Flow Silve Sheet
Economy #7 Tweezers
Economy #7B Tweezers
Economy Lens Measurer
Economy Narrow Pilar 4"
Economy Pliers Kit
Economy Screwdriver Set
Economy X-Narrow File 6"
Edge Coloring Treatments
Edge polishing
Edge Treatments
Edging Lab Startup Kit
Edging Supplies
Ejector Wrenches
Electric Soldering DVD
End Caps
End Caps
End Cutter
End Cutter
End Cutter Oblique
End Piece Rimless Adjuster
Ergo Endpiece Bracing Pliers
Ergo Angler
Ergo Compression Pliers
Ergo Extractors
Ergo Flat Bracer
Ergo Flat Jaw Bracing Pliers
Ergo Handle Long Nose Chain
Ergo Handle Wrenches
Ergo Midget Lens Aligner
Ergo Pad Pliers
Ergo Pliers Kit
ESCA Italy Slimline Chain Nose
European Nosepad
Exhibition Schedule
Expanded SD Blade Selection
Extra Fine Muslin
Extra Narrow Pillar File 6"
Extractor Set
Extractor Tips
Eyeglass Chains
Eyewire & Hinge Domestic Screw 1.27mm x 6.6 -Nickel 100pk
Eyewire Shapers
Eyewire Sizer
Fiber-Grip Self-Locking Tweezers
Fiberglass Brush
Fiberglass Brush
Figure 8 Top Cord
File Accessories
File Cleaning Brush
File Handles
File Kit
Files & Broaches
Filing Guard
Filter for Old Vigor Polisher - 10" x 10" x 1"
Fine Soft Felt
Finger Piece
Finishing Supplies
Flat Metal/Nylon Jaw Bracer
Flat 1.0 x 1.0
Flat 2.0mm x 3.2mm
Flat and Round Nose Pliers
Flat Hand 6" Cut 4
Flat Hand File 6" Cut 2
Flat Jaw
Flat Washers
Flat/Flat Narrow Blade
Flat/Flat Standard Blade
Flat/Phillips Blade
Flesh Pink
Fluffy Wool
Flux Dispenser
Foam for Aqusizer
Foilback Crystals 2.00mm
Foilback Crystals 1.00mm
Foilback Crystals 1.25mm
Foilback Crystals 1.75mm
Foilback Crystals 2.25mm
Foot Pedal 110V
Frame Bags
Frame Envelopes
Frame Envelopes #6
Frame Fitting for Comfort DVD
Frame Labels
Frame Parts
Frame Parts
Frame Protection
Frame Repair Parts
Frame Tags
Frame Warmer
Full Lens 1.25
Full Lens 1.50
Full Lens 1.75
Full Lens 2.00
Full Lens 2.25
Full Lens 2.50
Full Lens 3.00
G 15
Gauge Only
General Purpose Tweezers
Glass Beads
Glass Beads
Glass Beads
Glass Beads Large
Glass Beads Small
Glass Chipping
Gloves Disposable Large
Gloves Disposable Medium
Gloves Disposable Small
Gloves Heavyweight
Gloves Lightweight
Gold Sheets 10kt
Gold Sheets 14kt
Gold Sheets 8kt
Gold Dispensing Mirror
Gold Mixed Lengths
Gold Plated Stainless Screw Assortment
Gold Pliers Set
Gold Sheets Low kt
Gold Standard 1.1 x100
Gold Standard 1.1 x500
Gold Wire
Gold x 100
Gray Large Lab Trays
Green Large Lab Trays
Grobet Grippers
Grobet Screwdriver
Grooved Endpiece Adjuster
Guide Pin for Thickness Gauge
H Shape Bushing
Half Round File
Hammers & Knives
Hand Cutting Broach
Hand Drill
Hand Held Readers
Hand-Held Magnifier
Handle Size 3
Handpiece for Power Drill
Hard Acetate
Hard Pads
Head for Screwdriver # 52856
Headband Magnifier economy
Headband Magnifiers
Headband Magnifiers with Light
Headlight Magnifier
Heat Element
Heat Shield
Heat Shrink
Heat Shrink
Heat Shrink
Heat Shrink Kit
Heat Shrink Temple Tubing Refills
Heat Transfer Fluid ( HTF)
Heat Transfer Fluid Gallon
Heating Element 220V
Heating Element 110V
heating Element OLD
Heavy Duty End Cutter
Heavy Duty Side Cutter
Hemmed Edge
High Speed Twist Drill #54
High Speed Twist Drill #56
High Speed Twist Drill #60
High Speed Twist Drill #61
High Speed Twist Drill #64
High Speed Twist Drills
High Speed Twist Drills #58
Hinge Holding Angling Pliers
Hinge Straightening
Hinges for Metal Frames
Hinges for Plastic Frames
Hinges for Plastic Frames
Holder for Power Drill
Holder with Cord SM 812
Holders, Cases & Trays
Hollow Snipe
Hot Air Warmers
Hot Pot Lifter
Individual Pick Up SD
Ink Remover Pen
Inner Shaft
Inspection Gloves
Inspection Lamp
Inspection/ Magnifier Lamps
Instructional Aids
International Vision Expo East
International Vision Expo West
Invisible Eyeglass Cord
Ivory Large Lab Trays
Jaw for Bridge Reducer
Jaw for Economy Compression
Jaw for Mini Shaper
Jaw for Notched Shaper
Jaw for Screw bracer
Jaw for Slimline Flat Bracer
Jaw for Zyl gripping Pliers
Jaw New Style
Jaw Old Style
Jaw Set for Cold Bend Pliers
Jaws for Flat Bracer
Jaws for Midget Aligner
Job Tray Tags
Job/Shop Trays
Kits & Cases
Knife Blades Only
Knife File
Knock Out Point
Lab Supplies
Lab Supplies
Lab Supplies
Lab Tools
Large Brown
Large Gray
Large Heat Shrink
Large Lab Trays
Large LongThroat Blue
Large Motor Kit
Large Rivet
Large Storage Wheel
Large Tool Case
Large White
Large Yellow
Large-Head Brass Screwdriver
Latex Gloves
Leather Center Muslin
Leather Center Muslin
LED Double Reach Clamp Lamp with Base, Black, 110V
LED Double Reach Clamp Lamp with Base, Silver, 110V
LED Magnifier with 5 Lenses
LED Magnifiers - Interchangeable
Lens & Frame Bags
Lens /Trim US
Lens Aligners
Lens Axis Economy
Lens Clock
Lens Color Edge Remover Pen
Lens Drilling Vise
Lens File
Lens File & Reamer Assortment
lens Markers
Lens Markers
Lens Markers
Lens Marking Ink
Lens Supplies
Lens Treatment
Lens Washer Heavy
Lens Washer Nylon 1.8
Lens Washer Regular
Lens Washers
Lens Washers
Lens/Trim Metric
Light Spring
Light Violet
Liquid Edge Polish
Long Curved Tip Chain Nose
Long Nose Chain pliers
Long Nose Pad Adjuster
Long Throat White
Long Throat Yellow
Loop Arm Primadona
Loop Arm Push Base
Magic Green
Magnetic 12" Tool Strip
Magnetic 18" Tool Strip
Magni-Focuser with Light
Magnifier on Stand
Magnifying Safety Glasses
Magnifying Safety Glasses
Mahogany Opaque
Maintenance Kit
Marking Ink Remover
Marking Ink Remover
Marking Pen
Master Organizer
Master Work Station
Medium Black
Medium Clear
Medium Flow Silver Sheet
Medium Heat Shrink
Medium Snappy Pads 25 Pairs
Medium Snappy Pads 50 Pairs
Medium White
Medium Yellow
Metal Frame Hinge Kit
Metal Frames
Methods & Means of Metal Frame Adjustment DVD
Methods & Means of Zyl Frame Adjustment DVD
Methods & Means of Zyl Frame Adjustment VCR
Metric Hinge & Eyewire
Metric Measuring Magnifier
Micro Switch
Mighty Midget III
Mighty Midget III 220V
Mini Buffs
Mini Clip Shrink Clear
MM Stainless
Motor Double Spindle
MOTOR f/ 44070
Motor for Baldor Polisher
Motor Single Spindle
Motor with Fan for Hot Air Warmer
Narrow Nylon Jaw Bracer
Narrow Pillar File 4"
Navy Blue
Needle File Assortment
Neutralizer POLY Gal
Neutralizer 1 Quart
Neutralizer Gallon
Neutralizer POLY Quart
New Items
New Nose Pad Guard Arm Assortment
Nickel x 100
Nickel Plated AA Tweezer
Nickel Plating Pen
Nickel Standard 1.1 x250
Nickel Standard 1.1 x500
No Hub Pattern Blanks
Nose Pad
Nose Pad Adjusters
Nose Pad Gold Thin
Nosepad Assortments
Nosepad SS Thin
Notched Eyewire & Bridge Former
Nylon 1.1
Nylon 1.2mm
Nylon 1.3mm
Nylon 1.4mm
Nylon 1.9mm
Nylon Eyeglass Chains
Nylon Jaw
Nylon Jaw Bracer
Nylon Jaw Endpiece Pliers
Nylon Jaw for Compression PL
Nylon Jaw for Deluxe Adjuster
Nylon Jaw Gripping
Nylon Jaw Miniature Trio
Nylon Jaw Round Nose pliers
Nylon Jaws
Nylon Jaws
Nylon Tops
Oblique / End/ Chapel Cutters
Oblique Cutter
Old Model Perfect Screwdriver
Optic Safety Glasses
Optic Safety Glasses
Opticaid Magnifiers Clip ON
Optician's Anvil
Optician's Screwdriver Set
Optician's Screwdriver Set
Outer Sheath
Oversized Nut Wrench
Oxygen Regulator
Oxygen Replacement Hose
Pad / Guard Arms
pad Arms
Pad Popper
Paddle Ends
Paddle Tips
Page & Bar Magnifiers
Panther Burs
Parts for Old 46.790 & PL 768
Parts for Old Vigor Machines
Parts Old Vigor GA 717
Patient Cleaners
Pattern Blank
Pattern Blank
PD Notched Black 6"
PD Notched White 6"
PD Notched White 6" Economy Pack
PD Ruler 6"
PD Ruler 6" Economy Pack
PD Ruler SS 6"
PD Ruler SS 6" Economy Pack
PD Ruler SS Diagonal 6"
PD Sticks
Peening Point
Peer 2X
PEER Pocket Magnifier with Attached Leather Case
Pen Plating
Pen Plating System
Perfect Screwdriver with Double-ended Blades
Phillips Head 3.8mm x 1.4mm SS x100
Phillips Head Long Nose pad SC
Phillips Nose Pad Screw
Phillips Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver Combo
Phillips Screwdriver Set
Phillips Screwdrivers
Phillips/Phillips Blade
Pick Up Screwdriver
Pick Up Screwdriver Set
Pick Up Screwdrivers
Piercing Pins
Pillar Files
Pinked Edge
Plastic Center Muslin
Plastic Centers Muslin
Plastic Frames
Plastic Lens Bags
Plastic Washout Brush
Plexiglass Shield
Plexiglass Shield for new Double Spindle Polisher
Plexiglass Shield Old Double Spindle Polisher
Pliers Accessories
Pliers Kits
Pneumatic Stool
Pocket Magnifiers
Poli Nuts
Polishers & Supplies
Polishing Accessories
Polishing Compound/Rouge
Polishing Machines/ Dust Collectors
Polishing Starter Kits
Poly Edge Polish Pen
Power Driils & Accessories
Power Drill
Precision Applicator
Precision Screwdrivers
Premium Nut and Screw Grabber
Prescription Aligner
Primadonna Roller Pad Kit 75 PR Asymmetrical
Propane & Butane Soldering DVD
Propane Stater Kit
Punch Pliers Parts
Punch Point & Nut
Purple Large Lab Trays
Push / Click Base
Push Base
Push Base
Push Base
Push Base
Push/ Click Base
Push/Click Base
PVC Nose Pads
PVC Cable Covers
Rack for 2 Quart
Rat Tail Round 6"
Rat Tail Round 4"
Rat Tail Round Files
Recessed Bevelers
Rectangular Core
Rectangular Readers
Red Large Lab Trays
Red Fuel Hose
Red Marking Ink
Regular Pillar File 6"
Regular (4.78)
Regulator - Propane
Repair Glue
Repair Parts
Repair Parts
Replacement 15-Watt Bulb
Replacement Air Filter
Replacement Air Filter
Replacement Air Filter
Replacement Bristles
Replacement Bulbs
Replacement Clip for Standard Screwdriver
Replacement Cup
Replacement Jaws
Replacement Jaws
Replacement Motor
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts for 44.070
Replacement Parts for 47.215 or PN 215
Replacement parts for Precision Drill 28.615
Replacement Point Compression PL
Replacements Parts for Flex Shaft Drills
Right Spindle
Rigid Hard
Rigid Hard Nose Pads
Rimless Asembly and Nut Kit;
Rimless Assembly Kit
Rimless Bottom Cord
Rimless Bushing Reopener
Rimless Cord
Rimless Cords
Rimless Hardware Wheel
Rimless Lens Supplies
Rimless Pliers
Rimless Screws and Bushings
Rimless Tools
Rimless Tools & Supplies
Rimlon Mounting Tool
Riveting Hammer
Riveting Hammer
Rocker switch
Rouge Brush
Rouge Brush
Round Bur .8mm
Round Bur 1.6mm
Round Bur 1mm
Round Bur 2.1mm
Round Busch Burs
Round Core
Round Nose
Round Panther Burs
Round Readers
Saddle Straps
Safety Glass Clear
Safety Glasses
Safety Goggle
Safety Lens Marking Pliers
Safety Tape
Salt (Bead) Pan
Salt (Bead) Pan
Scratch Brush
Scratchless for Rimless
Scratchless Wrench 2.0mm
Scratchless Wrench 2.2mm
Scratchless Wrench Tips
Scratchless Wrenches
Scratchless Wrenches & Tips
Screw Extractor 2.0 Blade 3 PK
Screw for Gear Case Cover
Screw Assortments
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base
Screw Base 5 Pair
Screw Catcher
Screw End Deburring Tool
Screw Extractor 1.25 Blade 3 PK
Screw Extractor 1.5 Blade 3 PK
Screw for Piercing Pin Tool
Screw Holding
Screw Holding Curved
Screw Holding Straight
Screw Insertion
Screw Kit Domestic
Screw Lock
Screw Locking Glue
Screw Mount Bracer
Screw Mount Bracer
Screwdriver 2.0mm
Screwdriver .6mm
Screwdriver 1.0mm
Screwdriver 1.4mm
Screwdriver 1.8mm
Screwdriver 2.6mm
Screwdriver Accessories
Screwdriver Assortments
Screwdriver Combinations
Screwdriver Combo
Screwdriver Covers Yellow 5 PK
Screwdriver Grippers Red 5 PK
Screwdriver Sharpener
Screwdriver Stand
Screwdrivers, Extractors, & Awls
Screwhead Slot File
Screws & Nuts
Seg Gauges
Seg Height Gauge
Self Aligning Spring Hinge
Self Tapping
Set of Five Phillips Screwdrivers
Set of Precision Screwdrivers
Set of Precision Screwdrivers
Set of Precision Screwdrivers in Wood Box
Set Screw
Set Screw and Nut
Shark-Skin Tags
Sharpening Stone
Shop Trays
Shop Trays
Side Cutters
Silhouette/Safilo Disassembly Pliers
Silicone Nose pads
Silicone Push Base Nosepads
Silicone Screw Base Nosepads
Silky Fine Yarn Buff
Silver Dispensing Mirror
Silver Paste Easy
Silver Paste medium
Silver Sheets
Silver Wire
Silver Wire Easy Flow
Silver Wire medium Flow
Simple & Basic Frame Repair DVD
Simple & Basic Frame Repair VCR
Simulated Security Tags
Simulated Security Tags
Single Piercing Pin
Single Blade Fixed Handle
Single loupe Economy 5X
Single Pin Anvil
Single Rivet Setting
Single Slot Self Closing
Single Speed
Single Spindle Polisher
Single Spindle Polisher
Single Vision
Size 0
Size 0
Size 1
Size 1
Size 2
Size 2.5
Size 2/0
Size 3
Size 3 Twist Drill
Size 4
Size 43 .2.3mm
Size 5.5 Twist Drill
Size 50 .1.8mm
Size 53 .1.5mm
Size 55 .1.3mm
Size 57 .1.1mm
Size 58 .1.15mm
Size 59 .1.04mm
Size 6
Size 6 Twist Drill
Size 6.5
Size 60 .1.01mm
Size 61 1.0mm
Size 62 .96mm
Sizing/Screw Insertion
Sky Blue
Sky Blue
Slide, Mushroom, A/T Base
Slide, Mushroom, A/T Base
Sliding Die
Slimline Chain/Snipe
Slimline Flat Bracer
Slimline Nylon Jaw
Slimline Nylon Jaw Flat/Round Nose
SlimLine Round Nose
Sloyd Plaster
Small Tool Kit
Small (3.18mm)
Small Chain Nose
Small Gold
Small Motor Kit
Small Parts Wheels
Small Parts Wheels
Small Peach
Small Rivet
Small Storage Wheel
Small Tool Case
Snappy Conversions
Snip-It Cutter
Snipe Curved Jaw
Soft Felt
Soft Wing
Solder Paste
Solder Pick
Solder Rods with Flux
Solder/Assembly Station
Soldering Boards
Soldering Supplies & Accessories
Solid Felt
Solid Felt 7"
Solid Polycarbonate
Speciality Pliers
Spectratint Colors
Spectrum Blue
Spindle for Thickness Gauge
Spiral Hand Drill
Spring and Washer
Spring Clip Opticaid
Spring for Degree Caliper
Spring for Wide Throat Vernier
Spring Hinge
Spring Hinge 4.4mm x 2.5mm
Spring Hinge 6.8mm x 4.4mm
Spring Hinge Coated Assortment
Spring Hinge Screw Assortment
Spring Hinge Tools
Spring Loaded Punch
Stainless Phillips Head Assortment
Stainless Slot Head Assortment
Stainless Steel AA Tweezer
Stainless Steel Cutters
Staking Set
Staking Set Clavius
Staking Tool
Standard Job Tray
Standard Job Tray
Standard Job Tray
Standard Job Tray
Standard Job Trays
Standard Job Trays
Standard Job Trays
Standard Job Trays
Standard Job Trays
Star Nut Wrench
Stationary Die
Steel Contact Point
Storage Bags
Straight Arm Push Base
Straight Arm Screw Base
Student Tool Kit
Suction Motor for DC 2025
Super Strong Magnetic Bar
Surfacing Vernier Caliper
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones
Swiss Pattern Screwdriver Set in Plastic Box
Switch for Single Spindle Motor
Swivel Head Pin Vise
Symmetrical Silicone Nosepads
T-Seg Economy Pack
Tags, Labels, & Envelopes
Tap and Drill Assortment
Tape & Pads
Tape for Aqusizer
Tapered Carbon
Tapered Spindle 1/4" Shaft Left
Tapered Spindle 1/4" Shaft Right
Tapered Spindle 5/8" Shaft Left
Tapered Spindle 5/8" Shaft Right
Tapered Spindle Brass-Baldor Motor Left
Tapered Spindle Brass-Baldor Motor Right
Taps/Tap Holders
Teborg Diagonal Cutters
Teborg Oblique End Cutter
Telesight Half frame 3X
Telesight magnifier 2X
Telesight Magnifiers
Temple Bracing Pliers
Temple End Assortments
Temple Ends
Temple Labels White
Temple Tips
Third Hand
Thread Making Taps
Tinted Lens Display Rack
Tinting Equipment
Tinting Equipment
Tinting Equipment
Tips x3
Tix Flux
Tool Holders
Tool Magic
Top Hat 1.32
Top Hat 1.4
Top Hats
Top Hats 1.2mm
Torch Mate Electric Starter
Tri-Prong Rimless Adjuster
TT Kits
Tweezer Boley Style Straight Tip MM Long Shank
Twist Drill
Twist Drill
Two-Speed Polisher
Ultra-Slim Chain
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Mini Clean
Ultrasonic Solutions
Unmounted Mini Rubber Buff
US Domestic
US Domestic Hinge & Eyewire
US Thread
UV Coating
V-Bracer Hinge Holding Plier
Vertical Compression Closing Pliers
Video training
Vigor Electric Soldering Kit
Vigor Lens Axis
Vigor Lens Clock
Vigor Lens Grip
Vigor Screwdriver
Vigor Super Buff
Washout Brushes
Welding Glasses
Wheel Brush 3"
White Bar
White Lens Holder
White Plastic Pliers Rack
Wide Throat Degree Caliper
Wide Throat Vernier Caliper
Wide Throat Degree Caliper
Wonder Bar
Wood File Handle 3/8"
Wood Handle Awl
Wood Tool Box
Wooden Rack
Wooden Washout Brush
Woven Yarn Buff
Wrench & Screw
Wrench 2.0mm Four Sided
Wrench 2.5mm Hex Domestic
Wrench 2.8mm H Bushing
Wrench Star Nut European
Wrench Tips
Wrenches & Wrench Sets
X-Long Nose pad Screw x 100
X-Long Pad Screw x100
X-Long Pad Screw x250
Yellow Gold Sheets
Yellow Large Lab Trays
Yellow Treated Muslin
Zyl Conversion Pad Systems
Zyl File
Zyl Frame Conversions
ZYL Gripping
Zyl Push Base
Zyl Screw Base